New Sport GT + Pic!

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New Sport GT + Pic!

Postby Jaxxv01 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:57 am

Hey all!
I ordered my URB-E Sport GT in January and picked it up next day. I live in Pasadena and use it to get to San Gabriel via Goldline/Bus. They didn't have the right basket on pickup day so I came back the following day to pick that up. I've been enjoying the heck out of my little bike. It has good pickup (rear wheel drive) and turns on a dime. Hard bumps are much less intimidating now that I've learned to properly "stand" when going over them. I plan on getting a seat cushion though. Also maybe some sort of alarm? Not all places allow me to bring it it. Do you lock it up?
I've come to really appreciate dedicated bike lanes, as a driver, but on the Sport they are a life saver. I'd love some sort of buzzer or chirper to alert pedestrians. Does anyone have recommendations? Often times going down hill I don't use the accelerator and the Sport glides pretty quietly.
When its parked I've had quite a few people approach me with questions. They should give me a stack of info cards to help with all my free advertising!

Anyway, I recently went camping near Newport and brought the bike to ride around the campsite and to teach my S.O to ride. Here's a shot from our campsite!
URB Beach.jpeg
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Re: New Sport GT + Pic!

Postby NoS » Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:57 am

Great 1st post and welcome!

Check out our Modifications and Rides section for some ideas about the things you are looking for.
For locks, I like the SeatyLock idea which may also help with seat comfort?
Bike Security has some cool tech coming out and there are already some good options if you search the web.
I think Talon recently posted a combo light and horn option?
I'd search on Amazon, that's where I seem to find a lot of cool recommendations.

As for advertising, I ended up printing up my own business cards with URB-E details on one side and my Youtube Channel and Forum information on the other. It really helps! Otherwise, stop by URB-E as they used to (and probably still do) print flyers and cards that you could hand out, which of course saves you time and is free advertising for them!

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